We are professionals on the healthcare equipment market.

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We are a team of young, productive and modern thinking people, for who this job is not only a duty, but also a hobby. Professionality, helpful approach and looking for a way “ how can it be done, and not how can´t“ is in the first place.

Ing. Patrik Čech
Ing. Katarína Osifová
Business officer
Peter Švač
IT support
Bc. Tomáš Blicha
Sales manager
Mgr. Mária Šeteščáková
Finance officer
02 About company
Let´s make the health service more beautiful
Ing. Patrik Čech, Owner

The company ČECHOVO s.r.o. deals in production, selling and distribution of healthcare equipment intended for hospitals, social service facilities and clinics.

Our motto is “Let´s make the health service more beautiful”. We are striving to make the healthcare equipment ( which is a standard in the developed foreign countries) easily accessible also in your facility. The scope is to get to the slovak market quality and functional products of a good design, satisfying high healthcare demands. Further we deeply appreciate you – our customers and care about professional approach to you.

06 Contacts

Where to find us?

Company seat

Čechovo, s.r.o.,
Námestie slobody 39,
083 01 Sabinov

Operation and warehouse

Čechovo, s. r. o.,
Uzovce 26,
082 66 Uzovce

Billing address

Čechovo, s. r. o.,
Námestie slobody 39,
083 01 Sabinov

IČO: 46 186 484
IČ DPH: SK2023267653

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    Eric Montgomery PhD.
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